From Taking Pictures to Making Photographs: A Personal Visual Language

From Taking Pictures to Making Photographs: A Personal Visual Language

Ibarionex Perello

Instructor: Ibarionex Perello

Date: Wednesday, May 29 and Thursday, May 30
Location: TBA

Cost: $525

Discover how to use light and shadow, line and shape, color and gesture to create exceptional photographs. In this intensive, two-day photo workshop, you will discover how to create strong and effective compositions while exploring the streets of the city. You will learn how to consider the setting and its relationship to your subject for not only making more effective photographs, but also telling a story.

With decades of experience as a photographer and instructor, Ibarionex Perello will help you to transition from taking picture to making photographs. By sharing his personal way of seeing and photographing, he will teach you how to make informed and decisive choices when creating photographs which you’ll easily be able to apply to every genre of photography you enjoy.

The course will feature a brief lecture followed by extensive time working in the field and in-depth critiques at the end of the day.

The course will also cover:

• Core camera features and controls for quality photographs
• Developing an awareness of light and shadow
• Learn the importance of setting for capturing a moment and story
• Tips and techniques for creating clean and strong compositions
• Increase familiarity with a variety of street photography techniques
• Becoming comfortable with photographing strangers
• Culling and editing photographs using Adobe Lightroom
• Increased understanding of how to evaluate and choose your best photographs