Priyanca Rao

Priyanca has a unique background and heritage that influences her photography in a unique way. Born and raised in India, Priyanca then went to fashion school in London and eventually found love in New York City, where she now lives. Her background in fashion helped her develop a strong foundation in design. Her new life in America lead her to a career in photography, which satisfied her desire to curate stories and capture human emotion.

Priyanca is one of the top wedding photographers in New York City and runs a studio under her namesake Priyanca Rao Photography. When she is not photographing weddings, you can find her on the streets of New York City, photographing people. She is also a photography mentor and educator who is passionate about helping other photographers refine their art.

During the COVID crisis, Priyanca started the ‘FOFC Social Distancing Club’, a Facebook group that brings together a global community of photographers to participate in a group project. Everyday, photographers document their own lives during social distancing and share it with the group. Two mentors are nominated to help critique the photos and give creative feedback.