David Alan Harvey

David’s photographs spark the human psyche. His books “Cuba” (National Geographic, 1999) and “Divided Soul” (Phaidon, 2003) capture the effects of the blood and sweat of a cultural migration into the Americas. “Living Proof” (powerHouse Books, 2007) explores hip-hop culture. His 2012 award-winning book “Based on a True Story” published by BurnBooks broke new ground in photo book narrative form and design.

His work has been exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Biblioteque Nacional in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, among other venues. Some of his most prolific essays have appeared in NatGeo since 1973.

Current projects include “Off For A Family Drive” to be published 2020 and “Come Hell or High Water” his ongoing work on a disappearing barrier island.

As a popular mentor for young photographers, Harvey founded Burn Magazine, an award-winning online and in print journal for emerging photographers. He is currently the publisher of BurnBooks, a press specializing in limited edition art books. Harvey is a member of the legendary Magnum Photos cooperative. David lives in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.