The Focus on the Story Imprint

A core part of our mission at Focus on the Story is to publish visual storytelling that not only moves and enlightens but stands as an example of photography’s power to make a social impact. To do this, we are neither a traditional publisher or a self-publisher — we look at our model as “co-publishing.”

When we accept a book project, it begins a collaborative process between our publishing unit and the photographer. Unlike some publishers, we will never charge artists a fee to publish their books. Instead, we work hand-in-hand with them to edit, design, print, market and distribute the books. In fact, the photographers we publish bear no financial risk for the project.

We can do this because we finance the design, production and distribution of the books through the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform. All the costs and our fees are covered by the Kickstarter backers.

What you get is a professionally-designed photo book, a percentage of the print run (that you can sell on your own, give away or keep), marketing and promotion and, potentially, a share of the profits.

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