Ray Alvareztorres

Ray is a former journalist, having covered business, politics and an array of general assignments for Knight Ridder, Times Mirror, and Gannett, among other publications. Among his work was a series for the San Jose Mercury News documenting employers’ workplace response to AIDS as it emerged in the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid-80’s. Following his journalism career, Ray was a Sr. VP with Institutional Shareholder Services, a corporate governance and data solutions firm, serving in roles spanning operations management and business process design; business development; product and software design; and client relationship management. He has also owned and invested in small businesses. Now retired, Ray is a photographer whose work focuses on looking for what makes us kindred. In addition to his personal work, Ray volunteers photography services to small non-profits and serves as a photographer for Brooklyn-based neo-conceptual artist Jenny Holzer during her D.C. projects.