Timothy Hyde

Tim was raised in the Midwest, worked in North Carolina, Delaware, Iowa, and has lived in Washington, DC area for many years. After receiving a degree in history, Hyde spent three decades working in politics and public affairs.

As a photographer, he is best known for his work at night or with low-light photography. He has also exhibited and published projects involving natural disasters. He has covered earthquakes in Haiti and Italy, the tsunami in Japan, volcanoes in Iceland, and floods, tornados, hurricanes, and droughts around the U.S. He travels extensively for his photography.

Currently he is working on a long-term project with the working title of “Neighbors,” exploring the human capacity for tribalism, intolerance, mob violence, and genocide.

Tim’s photographs have been published in the New York Times and a variety of other publications. He has won awards and exhibited his work around Washington and elsewhere. He published some of his night work in a book in 2015. Tim was juried into the Multiple Exposures Gallery in 2012. He is also represented by Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach, California.

Aside from his work as an artist, Tim has in the past served on several boards for regional and national arts organizations. Currently he is serves on the Photography Initiative Advisory Committee for the National Gallery of Art.

Tim, the father of four grown daughters, lives with his wife Suzanne in Alexandria, Va.