VII’s election-year quest to discover “America, Again”

© Nolan Ryan Trowe / VII Mentor Program. A rainbow appears over a barn, in Iowa, in the United States of America on Oct. 10, 2019.

In a little more than a year from now, Americans will go to the polls elect a president in an election that will determine not only what their country stands for but how will it be defined for future generations. 

The prestigious VII agency is undertaking a year-long project, “America, Again,” that will examine some of the critical issues facing voters. The project launched its first installment in November with a look at Iowa, where the state’s Feb. 3 caucus could go a long way in narrowing the crowded field of Democratic contenders.

© Ed Kashi / VII. Scene outside of the Brothaz Barber Shop in Waterloo, Iowa.

The ambitious project will tackle  race, climate change, alternative energy, the economy, gun control, gender, as well as the nation’s pay and wealth gap. The next installment is scheduled for Jan. 3.

Photojournalist, filmmaker and VII member, Ed Kashi, describes the project:

“A project emerged amongst a few of the VII photographers with the intention of focussing attention on the issues that will dominate the U.S. election. The VII Foundation and VII Academy have stepped in to support the project in recognition of the importance of critical and independent storytelling in civic discourse. We will produce stories on material issues that people worldwide are wrangling with, not only Americans. Issues that are used to divide us, and that allow populist politicians to undermine the values that are foundational to our societies.”

To learn more about VII, visit their website.

© Danny Wilcox Frazier / VII. West Liberty, Iowa, the first town in Iowa to have a Hispanic majority.
© Sara Terry / VII. At Midwest Country Estates mobile home park in Waukee, Iowa, most residents live on fixed or low incomes.
© Maggie Steber / VII