Our 10 most read posts of 2018

As we close out 2018, we’re grateful for the amazing photographers we’ve had a chance to interview this year. It was a year filled with highlights, whether it was chatting with Maggie Steber about the importance of finding your creative inspiration or meeting emerging photographers having a breakout year like Griselda San Martin. Rather than pick our favorite interview of the past year, we present our list of the 10 most read Q&As of 2018.

1. Jason Eskenazi’s post-Wonderland odyssey brings him full circle

Jason Eskenazi’s first photo book, Wonderland: A Fairy Tale of the Soviet Monolith, won the best photography book award from Pictures of the Year International in 2008, and brought the photographer a lot of notice, including interviews on NPR’s All Things Considered, and Studio 360. READ MORE

2. How David Hobby’s simple idea for a blog turned into a really big deal

You could say David Hobby was in the right place at the right time, or better put, he had the right idea at exactly the right time. READ MORE

3. You might be surprised what you can find on D.C.’s streets

There are some cities that get all the love when it comes to street photography. New York, Havana, Istanbul, Paris, Mumbai seem to show up on everyone’s top 10 list. Washington, D.C.? Not so much. READ MORE

4. From Post Punk to New Wave with Brian Griffin

Born in the English industrial city of Birmingham in 1948, Brian Griffin was a factory worker until he entered Manchester Polytechnic to study photography. It was a move that changed history, well, at least the history of some of the best known bands of the 70s and 80s. READ MORE

5. Maggie Steber: All Stories are Personal

A true citizen of the world, Maggie Steber is known for her remarkable humanistic photography and photojournalism, garnering many honors in the course of her storied career. READ MORE

6. Five Minutes with Martin Parr

Since the 1970s, Martin Parr has taken a fine — and at times humorous and poignant — eye toward documenting the social classes of the Western World but, in particular, his native England. His work has been celebrated internationally and recognized as some of the best documentary photography of our time. READ MORE

7. Stories of Life, Love and Separation on Both Sides of the Border

During the past five years, Griselda San Martin has documented the U.S.-Mexican border, focusing on the issues of immigration, deportation, inequality and human rights abuses. READ MORE

8. Duane Michals on innovating, gay imagery and digital (he loves it)

Duane Michals is a renowned photographer, with books, exhibits, retrospectives and decades of acclaim for his images. But there’s a word he prefers more than photographer to describe himself: Storyteller. READ MORE

9. Michelle Frankfurter: ‘Find and trust your own voice’

With compassionate, authentic work that touches the heart and mind, Michelle Frankfurter’s career has encompassed the impact of the Contra War on Nicaraguans to the desperate poverty and addiction in the Ohio River valley region. READ MORE

10. Confluence magazine: A new creative outlet for documentary storytellers

Katie Jett Walls has been shooting weddings, family portraits, events and the like for some 13 years. While growing her business has been satisfying, she also realized there was another aspect to her photographic passion that was difficult to ignore. READ MORE

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