Presenting the winners of our UnPresidented open call

© 2017 Tatiana Gulenkina

The width and breadth of the images submitted to our open call to appear in our upcoming photo book, UnPresidented: The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump and the People’s Response, was impressive: There were angry protestors. Jubilant Trump supporters. Rioters. Police. Defiant marchers. And signs. Lots of signs. We received hundreds of images documenting the events around the inauguration and the Women’s March on Washington the next day.

In selecting the winners, we were looking for quality but we also wanted images that helped us tell the story of the three days of the inauguration. That story was more often than not, one of conflict and protest, topped with an overwhelming and uplifting show of defiance at the Women’s March. Choosing just five photos from all of the entries proved too difficult, which is why we picked these 12 images. Congratulations to Clint Fenning, Tatiana Gulenkina, Mike Lindle, Martin Locraft, Josh Marks, Vivianne Peckham, Cappy Phalen, Reuben Radding, Joel Richard and Kurt Wimmer.

Besides appearing in UnPresidented, each of the winners will receive a copy of the book when it comes out in the spring.

While the winning photographers complemented our own team coverage, in a couple cases, they captured scenes we missed or didn’t have access to.

Together, the open call images, along with those from our team of nearly 30 photographers, create a powerful work of documentary photography. UnPresidented, published by Focus on the Story and Cosmic Smudge Media,  is expected out in mid-April and will be available on Amazon.

The Winning Images:

© 2017 Clint Fenning
© 2017 Tatiana Gulenkina
© 2017 Mike Lindle
© 2017 Mike Lindle
© 2017 Martin Locraft
© 2017 Josh Marks
© 2017 Vivianne Peckham
© 2017 Cappy Phalen
© 2017 Reuben Radding
© 2017 Reuben Radding
© 2017 Joel Richard
© 2017 Kurt Wimmer